It's a hard life owning a restaurant

Posted on 29th May, 2017

So it's been a while ...Life kind of happens despite having a restaurant to run. Since my last post (March 2016!) We have completed out foster parent training, taken charge of a lovely wee girl, taken over and then sold another cafe and fitted in a months study leave to help 15 year old through the Nat 5 exams he needs to apply for an engineering apprenticeship. Now things are calmer and I'm back in my restaurant full time I can get back to my blog too...


It's was hard job but someones had to do it. In fact Tammy came in early for her shift to show solidarity in this task. With selfless devotion to her job she sacrificed half an hour of her leisure time to come in to help.

Yes, Friday morning, 10 o'clock was ice-cream tasting time. We had to wade through thirty-odd samples of various  ice-cream flavours. Four different reps dropped in samples ( four very slim reps may I add - you'd think in their job the product might get the better of their waistlines.) And, as ice-cream is one of the few products we buy in, we take the task very seriously. VERY seriously. I personally forced myself to try every sample provided. Rhubarb and Custard (delicious), Lemon Sorbet (delicious), four different varieties of Vanilla (delicious), three different Chocolate (delicious), Scottish Tablet flavour (delicious), Mango and Strawberry Sorbet (delicious) Raspberry Cheesecake (delicious).....the list goes on and you can see the pattern here. I am the last person you want to get to taste test ice-cream. I love it all. It's all delicious. When it comes to ice-cream I have no discening palate. And judging by Tammy's reaction hers is only slightly better. So in the end Chris-the Head-Chef made the call. Seeing him taste the ice-creams was like introducing someone to your favourite comedy show and realising they are not laughing. it was clinical. He wrote off three Vanillas immediately and then the Rhubarb and Custard got the thumbs down...I couldn't watch for those delicius Chocolates.....

Not to worry though, job done. And next week? Well that's Prosecco week. And guess what? Tammy has heroically volunteered her services again!


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