The seven times rule...

Posted on 8th March, 2016

So the strategy worked. Years of using the seven times rule has paid off. My children grew up with it. The only time they really object is if I try it on their friends. I think oldest child's friend, Rachel, might be avoiding my house. She is on my list for peas and has only got to the first time. I'm not sure she will get to seven but I'm trying.  What am I wittering on about?  Well I was watching a family in the restaurant whose child refused to eat anything other than chips then pudding and I was just thinking back to our  holiday in Berlin and how the seven times rule really had done the job.

As chief holiday organiser, I had booked us into the Blind Restaurant for a meal. I was under the impression, on booking, that we would see the menus, order then be taken into a pitch black restaurant. Well we did see the menus and they were in English but they didn't actually tell us what was to be eaten. The descriptions such as " the Italian lady meets white fur of Eastern promise..."  or "Smooth night time descends on a crackling of electricity..." didn't give much away... My kids were not fazed. Intrigued maybe, hungry definitely but not put off. They picked three courses each and off we set into the darkness. It was at this point that I realised the seven times rule had paid off. (When the kids were wee someone had told me that if you get a child to eat something seven times, even just a little bit, after that they just accept it. They might never love the food but will eat it when presented with it.) And as we walked, hands-on-the-person-in-front's-shoulders, through the complete black of the restaurant to our table, I was amazed the kids had just randomly picked a menu each without a clue to what they were about to eat,  with a lot of giggling and discussion but absolutely no fuss and much anticipation. 

The meal was great. Youngest child particularly enjoyed filling me in on which table manner he was currently ignoring, knowing fine well that, as I couldn't see him, I wasn't sure if he actually did have his feet on the table or was eating with his fingers and that even if he was I didn't know where exactly he was sitting to swipe to get him.

If you are ever in Berlin and the restaurant is still there, go - it's great!