So ...Trip Advisor.... the ultimate feedback forum.....

Posted on 23rd February, 2016

I love Trip Advisor. Whoever thought of it should have a wee gold star on every lapel he/she owns. In the past it could take ages to find out if there was a particular problem in need of attention. Now check what Trip Advisor says et voila - instant feedback - problem can be fixed. Clearly it would be better if customers just told us what was wrong there and then and we could fix it for them but hey ho .... So it occurred to me that there could be a parallel site for restaurant owners to rate customers......


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Title your review in a couple of sentences:

Great customer but legs awfully long- make sure he gets a spacious table or you will be tripping over him all night. Can highly recommend his laugh.


Overall good experience but needs to brush up on table manners. ( Noticed elbows on tables, talking with mouth full etc.)

Or even: 

Can't recommend this diner. Wouldn't eat anything on the menu had to get pizza in from next door to keep him happy.

Or even even:

Fantastic customer will have back on regular basis. Friendly easy-going with bright red coat - easy to find in the mass of black ones at the end of an evening. Can't recommend highly enough.


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Now, how great would that be? If you had a high rating as a customer, restaurants the world over would be queuing to have you through their doors. You would never hear the utterance, "Sadly there are no tables left on Saturday night at eight o'clock" because the restaurant could just bump a customer with a low rating and let you have their table....a win win situation. Restaurants get pleasant customers and pleasant customers get preferential treatment.....So next time we call you and say 'sadly there has been a mix-up with our table plan and your table on Saturday night has been double booked" .........You know what we're saying...