The first question everyone asks.....Who does the cooking at home?

Posted on 27th January, 2016

It can be intimidating being married to a chef. The first time you cook for him...well that can be the end of a fine romance...Let's face it, they can be fussy folk. Luckily for this family our chef, Rupert, is not fussy - I would go as far as saying that if you are willing to do the cooking he is willing to do the eating - and say 'Thank you. That was delicious.' afterwards, even if it was a bit burned and overcooked which is quite handy for me because chef I am not.

We often tell the kids how we met - I was working as a general dogsbody in a restaurant in the Cotswolds. (It's a pretty part of the country - if you're Scottish you have to slow right down when you talk or you lose the customers after 'hello')  and I was, on my kitchen days, Rupert's commis.  (This usually earns a few sniggers from the kids.  The idea of me being anybody's commis amuses them ....)  A commis who argues with you is not ideal as Rupert found out to his disgruntlement. Luckily, my presence in the kitchen was, despite my inability to follow orders, a fun addition to life and to Rupert's gruntlement I moved permanantly restaurantwards and peace was restored.   He never did manage to teach me to cook restaurant style although, when pressured, I can man a veg  or sweet section for the duration of a lunch service. 

So at hbutternut squash soupome cooking is a communal job. Whoever has been off that day will man the stove. If I'm cooking there will be soup. I love soup. When I go on holiday I miss soup. I can eat soup on the hottest Summer day.  Rupert is an expert at looking at all the odds and bobs in the fridge and rustling up a tasty meal. (Generally not soup....). All the kids can cook too, to differing levels of expertise. Joe has his trusty omlette pan and the girls are pretty capable if asked to get dinner organised.

And if absolutley nobody has the will to cook.....? Well we live right next to  the Blue Sky Chinese takeaway and they know how we love their crispy beef.


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