so you fancy owning a restaurant....

Posted on 25th January, 2016

I married a chef. That's how it began.  

A lot of people confide in me that they harbour a secret desire to own a restaurant. I wake up every morning and still feel a bit surprised that I do own a restaurant. I didn't set out in life to be a restaurateur. If you'd asked me, when I was young what I wanted to be, I would probably have said actress.(The fact that I can't walk across a room with a sensible walk if someone is watching me alerted me to the fact that this was not the profession for me.)

So I own a restaurant. I like owning a restaurant. It's a way of life more than a job. My children are restaurant children and I can spot other restaurant children at 10 paces. Do I like my children being restaurant kids? I'm not wasn't planned. It evolved. I don't think it has harmed them. They certainly know what hard work involves. But it surprises me that other people are so enamoured of the idea of opening their own restaurant. Ask my kids and they will tell you that there is a very blurry line at our dinner table between family chat and work chat. There is that same indistict line running between all the aspects of their lives. It steps in and out, between the two areas, blurring home and restaurant.

As they get older they join in the restaurant side more and more. Their friends are recruiting ground for part-time staff. Homework is sometimes conducted at table one as I polish glasses nearby. Dinner venues can be switched to the restaurant if needsbe... Why would anyone  choose to swap banking or teaching or doctoring for this life?..I have no idea but I have been confided in by people from all different professions that they would love to 'open their own place'. So I have decided to write this blog to give a wee insight into the actual life of a restaurant family. Before you decide it's the life for you you might want to read on........










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21st April 2020. Hope you and your family and staff are all safe and well. During this time of isolation one of the things I really miss is enjoying the food and atmosphere in your excellent restaurant. Keep safe. Any chance of a takeaway 😋