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Greetings Diners....... It has been noted that all my friends have sisters. In fact one of my best friends has THREE sisters and a mother. (I'm not saying she is selfish, but really...).  I, on the other hand, have two brothers and a father. Normally I am not one to moan about this  - luck of the draw and all that (and they are generally satisfactory relatives) - but when it comes to  present shopping, I have to say,  my lot is not a happy one.  There are only so many books and bottles of wine that can be dished out to the men in your life. (A couple of years ago on Christmas day, my sister-in-law arrived at my dad's house with a similar bottle of red wine and the very same book I had packaged for the old fella). Cuff links do not wear out and jerseys - well hit or miss - so this year I am giving all my male relatives restaurant vouchers (not, I hasten to add, Wee LOCHAN ones - that would just be a bit tight I think, besides they eat here for free whenever they are in Glasgow). No they are being given vouchers for restaurants in Perth.  I like Perth. People should go there more. So I am doing my bit for Tayside tourism and giving all the men restaurant vouchers for eateries there.  For those of you though, who do not share my passion for Perth or justified reservations about Wee LOCHAN vouchers, we are happy to say that Wee LOCHAN gift vouchers are available in whatever denomination you fancy.  (and if my dad or brothers are reading this " guess what's in the envelope.....")