340 Crow Rd Glasgow G11 7HQ

telephone 0141 338 6606  e-mail eat@an-lochan.com

Dear Friends,

We are back from the Bahamas and ready for action once more. Weather permitting we will start off by opening the outside on Monday the 6th of July. Because it's Scotland and the weather is...well...uncertain...we are only taking booking for the tables we know we can fit under the canopies ..which, with current social distancing rules, is for about 3 tables or a maximum of 10-12 guests. After that, it's come on down if the weather is fine and grab a table.

The menu is different for the time being as the kitchen is only small and we need to keep the chefs safe too so we can only have a couple of them in  at any one time. I hope you enjoy Chris's new ideas.

We are really looking forward to seeing you. (in fact I am really looking forward to talking to ANYBODY who I am not related to). Let's hope for sunny weather!



New Hours of Business

Monday - Sunday 11 am - 10 pm

(last food orders 9pm)